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Nick & Courtney {Omaha Engagement Photographer}

The Proposal Story: Nick says, “Courtney and I have been dating for over 5 years at this point and I wanted to really surprise her. I talked to her parents a few weeks before hand to ask for their approval, and they couldn’t have been more excited when I asked them. Her mom literally started jumping up and down. I know she had a hard time keeping the secret for that short time. Courtney had been studying all day everyday for the 2 weeks prior to our engagement and she had no time to thinkView full post »

Jimmy & Jennee {Omaha Engagement Photographer}

Photos were taken at the OPPD Arboretum & the Mastercraft! Their Story: Jenny Says, “When I was going to nursing school at Clarkson one of Jimmy’s friends moved into our dorms and invited him over to check it out. His friend told him how awesome it was to live there because “girls come over all the time”. So Jimmy came over and sure enough after a little while a group of girls just came in and I was one of those girls. Jimmy says that I stood out to him that firstView full post »

Travis & Erica {Nebraska Wedding Photographer}

What a gorgeous day for a Fall Wedding in Grand Island, Nebraska! Erica & Travis are just some of the most down to earth, do anything to make you feel welcome kind of people… and those are the best kind! And pay attention to the unique unity ceremony! They both gathered dirt from each of their favorite hunting spots and combined them into a jar labeled “Ours” How cool is that?!  Ceremony: St Mary’s Cathedral Grand Island, NE Reception: Full Circle Venue GrandView full post »

Joe & Alli {Omaha Wedding Photographer}

Love. There was SO much crazy, amazing love in this day… I have never been around such a close knit group of family and friends… And it felt like everyone was equally excited for this day to be here. Joe and Alli are so kind, loving, and oh so much fun! If you spent any time with them at all you know this to be true! After this wedding I left feeling like I had been part of the family all day and it was amazing! Joe & Alli thank you for allowing me to spend time with you on theView full post »

Brett & Jen- Omaha Engagement Photographer

I’m so excited to share one of my favorite Omaha Engagement Sessions to date! Brett & Jen had it all planned perfectly (which was so amazingly nice) and even had an ATV for us to ride around on from place to place! You should follow @ihiweddings on Instagram for more behind the scenes photos from this amazingly fun session! Here is their Proposal Story! The Proposal: March 13th, 2015 Brett-I needed to make a trip to Niobrara State Park to oversee some work on a job site that myView full post »

Brent & Lindsey {Lincoln Wedding Photography}

Brent & Lindsey are the kind of couple that you just love to be around… I loved their country church wedding! One of the unique things this awesome couple chose to do was in lieu of the “Dollar Dance” they were the bartenders and set out a “Honeymoon Fund” jar! What a creative, cool idea and their guests had so much fun with it!  Hotel: Holiday Inn, Downtown Lincoln Ceremony Venue: Trinity Lutheran, Murdock, NE Reception: the Apothecary Makeup: Alicia Borer,View full post »

Kevin & Faith {Iowa Country Engagement Photography}

I love shooting in the Iowa country… it’s always quiet, peaceful and OH SO BEAUTIFUL! It was so much fun working with and getting to know Faith & Kevin. They are super sweet and genuine and I am so looking forward to their wedding day! View full post »

Noah & MaKayla {Missouri Valley, Iowa Wedding Photography}

I was able to capture my Realtor’s wedding on this gorgeous September day! They may remember it as sweltering and unseasonably hot… but you sure can’t tell from the photos! We had such a great time… someone may have split their pants… true story haha! Noah and MaKayla are just the sweetest couple and I LOVE that our friendship has built so much that it truly felt like hanging out with friends on their wedding day! And if you are looking for homes please give Noah aView full post »